Darshan Raval Biography,Videos & Personal Life India Raw Star

Darshan Raval is a well-known contestant on India’s Raw Star. Darshan Raval also like to compose songs lyrics and has passion for singing. He was shortlisted by honey Singh as India’s Raw Star from thousand Contestants and today he is performing nicely in the stage. Let’s here get all the details about Darshan Raval Biography, Age, Height and Personal Life.

He performed many stages as well as a few school gatherings. He has great singing experience and part of lead vocalist in his group, respectively. According to Honey Singh the cute looks of Darshan Raval and great singing talent will take him to success.

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Darshan Raval Biography,Videos & Personal Life

  • Full Name – Darshan Raval
  • Born in city – Ahmadabad, India
  • Age – 19 years
  • Education – in -graduation (maybe)
  • Relationship – Single
  • Height – 5’8’’ approx.
  • Specialty in – Singing and writing songs/playing musical instrument/composing music

Darshan raval new song

Darshan Rawal is among those contestants in the Raw Star in India with a voice that is very sweet. He is a man who has quite an adequate x-factor that may be assumed right package to win this show title. He wants to play with guitar despite singing.


So these are all about Darshan Raval Biography, Age, Height and Personal Life and for more information keep reading us.

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124 thoughts on “Darshan Raval Biography,Videos & Personal Life India Raw Star

  1. I love ur voice and how u look. I vote for u I’m u biggest fan and I never stop watching ur videos. But I wish I could see u in real life. I like u more then anyone could. Good luck for india’s raw star <3 u.
    Bye darshan
    <3 Permaz

  2. i am your biggest friend i want that i am like you i want to take music classes by you what you tall i do, but plz.. help me to make a big singer.i do not thank that you read it but if you read it then help me. Wish you all the best. i want you top in hole india. a biggest singer in hole world. thanks

  3. i am your biggest friend. i want i am like you . so for like you plz.. help me i donot think that you read it but if you read it so plz.. help me thanks . plz keep you top in raw star .you are
    the raw star of hole world . wish you all the best.

    • Himdip D Marvlous Deuri November 28, 2014 at 11:54 am - Reply

      why u want to take classes in under of Darshan….Darshan is a good singer but he do copy of Arijit singh n he is not perfect as a teacher….his voice is supab but he can’t teach u…if u want to take classes…then Ritu raaj is perfect for u…..

    • Himdip D Marvlous Deuri November 28, 2014 at 11:57 am - Reply

      Ritu Raaj,,,Mohit,,,,Jeffry Iqbaal n Saagar is also a very good singer like Darshan….they hv also a great future…

  4. darsan u r so cute and u always killed all girls by ur songs
    i just love ur eyes they are the way to know ur attitude
    all sunday i miss my everything but never miss ur performance and always keep ur position in the top lebel
    love u darsan
    love u

    • I want to be friend with you because am in Mauritius I can’t vote for darshan can u be friend with me. I hope you will be friend with me. Bye I don’t know your name. My name is Chetisha. I am darsham fan too. Ple .

  5. hi darshan…i m ueah biggest fan….i don miss ‘ny of ueah shows…n seriously speaking i m mad about uear looks…i lv u sweetiepie…win it…
    #my #rawstar #cutie #gappu♡

  6. Darshan, you are so cute and your voice is rawesome.I love you so so much.All Sunday I show your performance and wish that you keep number one.

  7. Darshan I AM 1 OF U’R FAN

  8. Meri pehali mohabat pehali mohabat h tu

    Luv u darshan ur voice is amazing
    All the best ur future I wish I could see u in real lyf……….<3

    • Luv u Darshan aap INDIAS RAWSTAR me jeeto ya na jeeto koi farak nai padta bcoz u r only one of the rawstar…………………really i luv u so mch muaahhhhhhhhh………………….

  9. Darshan u r so cute handsome rocking one of the finest singer in the universe. .. I just love ur voice….. love u darshan… I knw u r the raw star n u will win this competition. .. I will pray for u…..
    I love u…

  10. Darshan I am big big big big big big fan of you. You are just awesome. Your voice is so beautiful that you kill anyone with your voice . You will always be in number 1 and you will only win the show. No one can beat you.
    I Love you darshan

  11. Dershan i am your biggest fan and me chah ta hu ki app fir se romantic songs sing kere kyo ki apka osme koi mukabla nahi ker sacta ….mano

    • Hi Darshan,
      Your the best singer…There is a magic in your voice…Ur already a winner..You Look best with ur spects….Wish u a very All D Best…

  12. I love you dharshan in every beat of my life…I dont misss u r shows…I am a big fan of you..I maad for u ..its me shaaaaanu..

  13. hey Gabbu i luv uh d most yr really gonna crazy fr uh my cuchi cuchi :* ur voice is jst awsme in ur evry sng uh kill us plzz gabbu come lknw once again i really wnna meet uh last tym i missd it bt plz ek bar aaja nd ya all d bst fr ur finale i knw uh r d raw star :* <3 nd ap bs perfrm kro acha acha hme khush rkho nd votes ki chinta hme de do 😉 :* good luck!!!

  14. darshan i am ur biggest fan i love music and music is my life . darshan plz keep siging and won the raw star stage so, best of luck

  15. Hi……..
    I am a big fan of urs. I love ur all songs. Specially MERA DIL & PEHLI MOHABBAT. But I want u to sing the song ‘MAAHI VE’. From film highway. So plz will u sing the song in India’s Raw Star???????
    Plz Plz Plzzzzzzzzzzzz sing the song.

  16. biggest fan of darshan November 23, 2014 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    Hie…darshu ur voice is so sweet Dat I don’t have words 2 xpress…keep it up darshan and I love how u sing and m crazy of playin guitars and u 2 like dat ….^-^…and ma wish is 2 meet u once

  17. you are so sweet darshan i really love you and you are also a very good singer and i want thai you won indias rawsatr and you are the 1st indias rawstar

  18. my best wishes to u darsan,,,love ur voice its so touchy…….love ur song pehlu mohbhatt,dhokha dhadi,mera dil dil….stayyy bless n u r d future leading singer……..

  19. for me…….only u … only u ……..r the real raw star…..
    ……..even u r India’s super star…super tanlented…..
    …….n Rituraj just bloody stupid ……. he didn’t deserve it…….he should go the hell……only u deserve
    it….u r my super star… I love u…………

  20. Darshan i love u a lottt!!!!!…i love ua voice ….i love ua everythingggg………
    Plizzz…..wait 4 meh..be single……..hehehehe………
    I will wait 4 uh!!!!!!!!!……..;)
    Dejaey Mhalikz Gal….in fb!!!!!

  21. darshan I luv u n specially ur voice it doesn’t matter for us that u don’t win bt in real u r the winner coz the guy who remains on the top for 12 weeks he can’t be defeated by anyone…..just remember that the love of ur fans is with u n that is sufficient to be a winner n as I said that u r d best n true winner…luv u a lot

  22. I just luv u Darshu…….ur voice is rawsome….ur too cute….I just wanna tell u that I’m ur biggest fan nd I just wanna meet u atleast 1 time…..luv u..miss u…ur the only RAW STAR atleast for ME…… umahhhh….. my only crush……… luv u……

  23. Darshan raval…meri pehli mohobbat…pehli mohobbat hein tu…u r a true raw star for us…love u mine raw☆ ….u have such a amazing god gifted voice…love u dear…u r awesome man…

  24. U r mine pehli mohobbat….darshan… I just wanna meet u and tell u that u r a winner ….u win u r fans heart …..love u…

  25. Hiiiii Darshan . Kem Cho. I am biggest fan of you.I love you so much. Your voice is 2 gud.You r very handsome gappu.Your all sons r very good specially I like pehla nasha,Pehli mohabbat & Dhoka dhadi.I luv you.

  26. Darshan ur voice is jrt awesome i m ur biggest fan i sward that i like u all wrote they love u but i dint wrote so bcoz u look dam smart par chehra se charecter judge nahi krna chahiye v hvnt met yet bt i m sure once in life v will surely meet u r my inspiration i do want to bcome a singer nd if i will na then d credht is all urs i m jst crazy about u i know u will nt read such a long cmnt bt still ….

  27. Hie..Drashan rawal.
    Im charmi lodaya.
    i love u so much……♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i dnt have any wrdz to sae…? Nd im fan of ur sngs its so swt to listen.. i wan to see u in real.. par i knw i cant see u in real.. im realy mad 4 u …..im just crazyy abt u.. i wish ur all wish wil full fill.. my hapynes iz ur hapynes .nd .. ur sadnes iz ma sadnes

  28. awww gabbu just luv u yaar……u r soooooooo cute n your voice my god!!! itsssss realyeeee magical its heart touching its justttttt owsome……jabhi tumare gaana sunti hoon just lost somewhere bt with u……luv u luv u n realyee luv u….

  29. darshu i am biggest fan of yours and i love you soooooo much….!!!!! n i really want 2 meet u..:)))

  30. I love u darsu…..u r so so so so cute…u r very Handsome ….ur voice is so sweet…..I love ur everything I cannot express that how much I love u…..cutieee pieee

  31. Its not new to listen a girl saying .. i love u darshan and am ur biggest fan . I m also here for that only … but its upto that what they feel for u darshan always be happy whereever u will be … and jst plzz never ever forget ur fanss as we love u .. and i love u plzz once talk to me and jst tll that mimansha darshani u r my biggst fan .. lov u .. thankuu to teach me how to follow once heart #spreadlove …. lov u … and plzz once talk to me lov u

  32. Darshan I just want to say that u r so handsome so sweet. Your voice is so cool. N I’m biggest fan of yours. Everyone says that he or she is 1st in rank in fans list but I would say that I m in 2nd position in your fans list because the father n mother is always in 1st position.so all the best for your future n sorry to write this but can’t control so……I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH….

  33. Hi Darshan vaia we are yourbiggest fan.We want to see u in Bangladesh. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz come in Bangladesh. plz vaia plz.

  34. sir u are reaaly a amazing singer and you have got a charming face as well………………………. big fan of you

  35. Hi Darshan sir.. I am the biggest fan of yours… I also love singing.. I want in future I sing with you.. Will u plz teach me???

  36. Literally your voice plus your cuteness factor is darn danity and cute
    Anything over you heartthrob tbvh, justa fan from Kashmir ^.^

  37. Hi darshan I am your biggest fan from jaipur and I think from India also I love u so so so much that can’t think I want this much only that come in jaipur and have your concrete here also plz

  38. Hi darshan I m biggest fannnnnnnn I wanna meet I one day u r awwaum rawwsum plz one tym come to Agra my family always says that u r mad becoz my whole phone gallery is filled with ur 280 pics I have ur all songs and vedios so plzzzz ek bar Agra bhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii luv uu………

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