MTV Splitsvilla 9 Final Winner Name: Gurmeet Singh & Kavya Khurana

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Final Winner Name :- MTV Splitsvilla has grown to be among the most famous shows on television over the last few years. With Rannvijay and Sunny Leone in it, the show gained more popularity recently.

We know now Splitsvilla Season 9 is running on MTV on every Saturday. In only a few weeks Grand Finale of the show will occur. Hot Bollywood celebrity Sunny Leone is playing as chief top host of the show in addition to Ranvijay Singh that is capturing. Splitsvilla is among the most watched television serials in India and all over world-wide, mainly youths love this show. Thus, without wasting your more time under getting complete details.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Final Winner?

The source also disclosed that after Varun and Gurmeet Singh had participated in shows titled Squad Rann and Roadies X2, the show runners worked on undertakings and story lines in such a style that these two emerge as the victor of the Splitsvilla of this year at the same time.

However, denying the rumours’, Producer Lalit Sharma told, “All these are just fragments of somebody’s imagination. We play by the rule which is why we’re here running the ninth season. It will be talked about by people, and I’d chose to not pay heed to such conjectures. And I will be happy that folks are actually talking about my show.”

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name :- Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana

mtv splitsvilla 9 final winner name

The final word

Eventually, the game of love is reaching its final stages. Based on the sources, Splitsvilla Season 9 grand finale will happen on 8th october 2016.

In Karan Chhabra last week, Zain and last episodes now it is going to be interesting to see who Shree Radha will match up with now as her connection is gone and she’s in the game. Additionally, we’ll get to see actual colours of Mia using him to win the show or only showing shortly as for whether she’s having a valid link with Nikhil.

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